Dr. Iswanto Sucandy Speaks at the University Hospital of Modena Italy

Dr. Sucandy Speaks at the University Hospital of Modena, Italy

At the end of November 2022, Dr. Sucandy was invited by his colleague Professor DiBenedetto from the University of Modena to give a grand round regarding the application of robotic technology in Liver Surgery. The University of Modena is one of the major Hepatobiliary and Liver Transplantation Units in Italy that has a minimally invasive robotic program in liver surgery. Under the guidance of Prof. Dibenedetto as the Chairman, Modena is recognized as a high-volume center for liver surgery and liver transplantation in Europe.

Dr. Sucandy was invited to give a lecture for the surgical attendings, residents, hepatobiliary liver transplant fellows, and house staff within the Department of Surgery. The lecture was very well attended and key elements of liver surgery were discussed at length.

Dr. Sucandy also shared his clinical experience in developing the robotic liver surgery program in Tampa. At this point, the robotic liver surgery program in Tampa has performed approximacalltoy 400 robotic liver resections for various types of liver and bile duct tumors, making the center the highest-volume robotic center, not only in America but in the world. Other robotic centers in the US have only performed approximacalltoy a quarter of the volume of Dr. Sucandy and his team.

In addition to giving lectures, Dr. Sucandy also participated in the operative sessions at the University of Modena Hospital. Dr. Sucandy was asked to share his surgical techniques by live surgery demonstration with the team in Modena and vice versa.

This is indeed a very important way of sharing knowledge and techniques in liver surgery among expert liver surgeons and international colleagues. Dr. Sucandy performed a robotic left hepatectomy on Day # 1 and subsequently performed a robotic bile duct cancer resection requiring RY Hepaticojejunostomy bile duct reconstruction on Day #2.

Both operations went very well without any complications and both patients were discharged within the same week. This is truly a great coloration between Dr. Sucandy as the visiting professor with the team of Dr. Dibenedetto of Modena.

Dr. Sucandy says “It is truly an honor and privilege to participate in operative sessions in Europe”. This is an uncommon invitation to operate in Europe as an American surgeon. This is much more than just giving lectures and webinars.

It is important to choose a world-renowned expert in minimally invasive and robotic liver surgery for the best patient outcomes. The experience of the operating surgeon and team dictates results.

Clearly, the invitation to operate in different countries and different continents speaks for itself. Being an international pioneer in robotic liver surgery such as what Dr. Sucandy has been, also carries a responsibility of sharing surgical skills, promoting operative safety, educating others, and promoting new innovative surgical techniques, while fostering friendships and collaborations with other centers.