Robotic Adrenal Resection for Pheochromocytoma

Robotic Adrenal Resection for Pheochromocytoma

Dr. Sucandy and his surgical mentees recently presented their robotic techniques and excellent outcomes on performing adrenal surgery. The 3-day surgical meeting was hold in Nashville Tennessee, attended by members of the Southeastern Surgical Society. This society has been established for almost 90 years and it is the second largest surgical society for practicing surgeons after the American College of Surgeons.

In addition to routinely undertake robotic liver surgery for liver tumors in Tampa, Dr Sucandy also offers surgical treatment of solid organ tumors within the abdomen. Adrenal surgery is one of them. The video presentation described a minimally invasive robotic technique to remove a 3.5 cm left adrenal tumor in a 45-year-old man diagnosed with a relatively rare type of adrenal tumor called pheochromocytoma.

Adrenal pheochromocytoma is a hormonally-active tumor originating from the adrenal medulla, which can lead to many cardiovascular complications. Due to excessive hormone within the patient’s blood vessels called catecholamine produced by the tumor, hemodynamic disturbances can occur. Majority of patients present with severe hypertension, headache, syncopal episodes, heart palpitation, mood swings, and tremor. The treatment of pheochromocytoma is similar to that of other adrenal tumors, which is removal of the adrenal gland on the side of the tumor. We have two adrenal glands, therefore once removed, the other adrenal gland is still functioning.

In order to complete a safe adrenal surgery, a proper preoperative preparation is mandatory for pheochromocytoma. Dr Sucandy works collaboratively with his endocrinologist to regulate the patient’s blood pressure before the operation. A five small incisions were made to allow the robotic instruments to be applied in this operation. The operation took less than 50 minutes without complications. The blood loss was very minimal, essentially negligible. The patient recovered very well with minimal postoperative pain. Dr. Sucandy as the expert robotic surgeon said “A proper preparation in the form of adequate adrenergic blockade is important and this is considered a key element in this disease”. It is important to find a robotic adrenal surgeon to achieve best outcomes and minimize potential complications. Dr Sucandy and his team undertake robotic adrenal tumor operations routinely. Dr. Sucandy encouraged his colleagues to review all aspects of this operation as part of the teaching and continuing surgical education.

Dr. Sucandy and his team also encourage all patients with adrenal tumors to seek a medical evaluation to adrenal surgeons with significant experience. Our Robotic Surgery program in Tampa is equipped with significant experience in treating solid tumors such as adrenal tumors and liver tumors. Our center is nationally recognized for robotic surgery of these types.